BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven Review

BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven Review – All You Need To Know

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If you live in a larger household and want to cook for many people, this air fryer oven can be a great choice. In our BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven review, we will tell you all about this digital appliance so that you can decide if it’s the right one for your cooking needs. This review is based on our own research, opinion and customer reviews.

BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven Review

Introducing you to the BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven, this is the perfect kitchen tool to help you make healthy meals quickly. Make your favourite fried food with 80% less fat than other methods.

Its unique patented design combines the rapid air technology of an air fryer with the heating and even browning elements of a convection oven.

With most air fryers, you get a tiny basket that holds only a small amount of food, and you have to stand next to it while your food cooks. Not with this air fryer oven, it has an incredibly large capacity that allows you to fit 6-8 servings.

It comes with 8 pre-sets that allow you to cook just about anything in minutes.

Throw some onion rings in there… wings for the game… air-fried bacon for breakfast… shrimp for appetizers and make perfect french fries.

It is also easy to use, just a touch of the LED screen and the high-powered air circulation ensures even cooking every time.

In addition, the oven is equipped with safety features such as automatic shut off so that you can be sure that your food will never overcook or burn.

The BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven is one of the most innovative products to come out in recent years. With this digital air fryer oven, you can replace 6 of your kitchen appliances.

This can be used as an air fryer, deep fryer, toaster oven, rotisserie, thaw box, dehydrator, giving you everything you need in one single appliance.

This air fryer oven has a large capacity that fits up to 6-8 Servings, making it great for big families and gatherings. It is easy to use with a digital LED display and simple touch controls for all functions.

This Air Fryer Oven is a premium appliance that features 8 cooking pre-sets including – fries, steak, wings, chicken, veggies, toast, dehydrator and seafood. You can cook all of your favourite meals with just a single touch of the digital screen.

It uses Rapid Air Technology that circulates hot air around the food for fast and even cooking so you get crispy foods every time.

It also has a shake/flip reminder function in the pre-set mode of fries, steak, and toast to help you cook foods more evenly and with a glass viewing window so you can easily monitor your cooking progress without opening the door and letting out the heat.

BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven
  • 【Replace 6 of Your Kitchen Appliances】This could be an air fryer, toaster oven, deep fryer, rotisserie, thaw box, dehydrator, microwave, giving you everything you need in a single appliance.
  • 【Choose From 8 PRESETS】16 qt large capacity & 1600 watt power allow this air fryer toaster convection oven to cook faster and more. Ready to cook, at the touch of a button. 8 presets offer deliciously crispy French fries, steak, chicken, wings, veggies, toast, dehydr, and seafood.
  • 【Shake/Flip Reminder, Glass Viewing Window】A shake/ flip reminder function in the preset mode of fries, steak, and toast, helps you cook foods more evenly. With a glass viewing window, you can easily monitor your cooking progress.
  • 【Choose From the Practical Accessories that Do It All】Maximize your cooking possibilities with a host of versatile accessories. This large air fryer convection oven includes a free Cookbook & Magnetic Cooking Cheat Sheet, an oven rack, oil drip pan, mesh tray, rotisserie skewer, rotisserie safe handle, mesh tray safe handle and a hook for hanging mesh tray removal handle.
  • 【High Capacity, Little Occupancy】This air fryer countertop toaster oven fits up to 6-8 Servings. It will be a spacing-saving appliance in the kitchen with little occupancy.

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This appliance comes with a variety of accessories including an oven rack, oil drip pan, mesh tray and rotisserie skewer and a mesh tray safe handle which can be used when removing the mesh tray from the oven. In addition to this, there is a hook for hanging the mesh tray removal handle on the side of the unit.

The BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven is a promising kitchen appliance, the non-stick interior is easy to clean with just a wipe with a damp cloth and all accessories are dishwasher safe, making the clean-up fast and easy.

There is also a free cookbook and magnetic cooking cheat sheet included to give you plenty of ideas for things to cook along with easy step-by-step instructions.

The main things we liked about the BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven:

  • Capacity – Large capacity, fits 6-8 servings at the same time!
  • Display – Digital touch screen display that is easy to navigate & use!
  • Pre-Sets – 8 Cooking pre-sets – Fries, Steak, Wings, Chicken, Veggies, Toast, Dehydrator & Seafood!
  • Easy to Use – This digital air fryer oven makes frying foods in your home easy, even for beginners!
  • Easy to Clean – Non-stick interior & dishwasher safe accessories make the clean-up fast & easy!
  • Recipes – Free cookbook & magnetic cooking cheat sheet also included!

What we didn’t like:

This air fryer oven was a pleasure to test, we couldn’t think of anything negative to say about it and we’re constantly impressed with the results.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a healthy cooking alternative? Try the BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven, not only will your food taste like it was cooked in an oven, but it will also have that crunchy texture that so many people love of fried food.

With 8 pre-sets such as fries, steak, seafood and more, it’s easy to figure out how to cook with this device. The touch screen display makes it easy to use as well.

Each pre-set allows you to customize what you’re cooking for ideal results every time, and you’ll get delicious, crispy results with little to no fat.

The BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven is a digital air fryer oven that allows you to achieve restaurant-quality food in your own home.

The non-stick interior and dishwasher safe accessories make clean-up quick and easy.

The free cookbook and magnetic cooking cheat sheet with many healthy recipes will keep you busy exploring the world of air frying, making sure you eat healthier at the same time!

We hope that the information in this BLAZANT Air Fryer Oven review has been useful to you. This is a great appliance that our customers love to use.

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