BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer Review

BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer Review – All You Need To Know

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Should you be looking for a stylish compact digital air fryer, but are not sure which model to get, this one could be perfect. Our BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer review will help you decide if this appliance is right for your cooking needs. This review is based on our own research, opinion and customer reviews.

BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer Review

Bring excitement to your cooking with the BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer. With its unique and easy-to-use touchscreen and large capacity, it enables you to make delicious meals in a healthier way.

Air fry, roast, dehydrate and more, the BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer makes healthy cooking fast and easy. It’s the best way to make crispy, crunchy foods at home with up to 85% less oil than deep frying.

Fry up chicken wings and drumsticks, fish fillets, eggs and more — all in minutes. Use the built-in control panel for the air fry function to create light, crispy food without any oil or grease!

Its digital LED touchscreen makes it easy to control the temperature and time settings, while the floating indicator light lets you easily monitor cooking progress.

With 8 different functions – it’s perfect for busy people who love experimenting in the kitchen.

With a 7-quart capacity, you can cook multiple dishes at the same time keeping everybody happy with their favourite foods.

The BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer is the ultimate healthier alternative to frying foods, it features a digital LED touchscreen with a flare glowing smart indicator light.

This makes it easy to select one of the 8 cooking functions or set your own custom time and temperature and it can be used to cook many different types of food. It uses hot air circulation technology to create crispy, tender, and tasty foods using little or no oil.

The 8 cooking functions include – air fry, air roast, keep warm, reheat, preheat remind, defrost, dehydrate and shake remind.

When the cooking cycle has finished the air fryer will alert you with a beep and after 3 minutes switch to keep warm mode to ensure that your food will never overcook or burn while still keeping it warm and fresh ready to serve.

The shake reminder (optional) technology helps ensure that the air is able to reach all food surfaces and cooks your food more evenly and the preheat reminder (optional) ensures your food cooks at the correct temperature for optimal results.

The non-stick basket is dishwasher safe or you can easily clean it with warm soapy water. With a little footprint, this air fryer doesn’t take up much room and will look great in any kitchen.

BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer
  • 【Flare Glowing Smart LED Indicator, Light Speaks to You】BLAZANT 7QT Air Fryer uniquely-styled FLARE Lighting Language. Integrated with LED through lights, the Air Fryer translates functions such as cooking, pausing, keeping warm, and preheat/shake remind into glowing red lighting signals, creating a language that’s exclusive to you.
  • 【Auto Keep Warm】When the cooking cycle finishes, the air fryer keeps beeping periodically for 3 minutes. If no action is taken, the air fryer automatically switches to the Keep Warm mode. In this mode, the air fryer keeps the food at 180°F for 1 hour. Keep the foods warm for you.
  • 【Smart Shake/Flip Remind & Preheat Reminder & Buzzer Sound Control】A Shake Reminder (optional) helps ensure the air is able to reach all food surfaces, and cooks your food more evenly. A Preheat Reminder (optional) allows your food to cook evenly at the correct temperature. If the buzzer sound bothers you when pressing any button on the control panel, you can choose to MUTE/UNMUTE it. Locate and push the “+” buttons of Time and Temperature control simultaneously and hold them down for 5 seconds.
  • 【Free Recipes & Time-Saving Magnetic Cooking Cheat Sheet】You can stick the magnetic cooking cheat sheet on your fridge to have the best temperature and time combined for the specific food type. Note that the times require preheating. If not preheating, please add a few minutes to the cooking time. Free recipes let you free from planing your meal.
  • 【Cyberpunk Appearance with Deep-Space Black Stainless Steel】With a little footprint, BLAZANT 7QT Air Fryer doesn’t take up much room. With a cyberpunk appearance, this air fryer can be also an ornament in the kitchen.

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With the BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer, you can whip up a healthy and satisfying meal in just minutes.

You’ll never run out of ideas thanks to a free recipe cookbook, plus a magnetic cooking chart that helps you quickly figure out how long to air fry different foods so that you get restaurant-quality results every time!

The main things we liked about the BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer:

  • Large Capacity – 7 Quart capacity, perfect for large families & gatherings!
  • Display – Digital LED display with a floating indicator light that is very easy to navigate & use!
  • Multifunction – 8 Cooking functions include – Air Fry, Air Roast, Keep Warm, Reheat, Preheat Remind, Defrost, Dehydrate & Shake Remind!
  • Easy to Use – This digital air fryer is very easy to use, even if you’re a beginner in the kitchen!
  • Easy to Clean – The non-stick basket is dishwasher safe for fast & easy clean-up!
  • Cookbook – Recipe cookbook & magnetic cooking chart to help give you ideas of things to cook!

What we didn’t like:

When we tested the BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer, there was nothing that we didn’t like, we found that it cooks food evenly and quickly. In addition, it is very easy to use, which is why our customers love it!

Final Thoughts

Make healthy, tasty, homemade meals in minutes with the BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer. Impress your family and friends with restaurant-style food from the comfort of your kitchen.

You can cook myriad dishes, such as roasted potatoes, chicken wings, french fries, fried rice and much more, using this convenient appliance. It even lets you make baked desserts such as cookies and brownies!

Featuring an easy-to-use digital LED interface with a floating indicator light that makes it easy to select your desired cooking function, temperature and time, this air fryer will make your meals much healthier while cutting out all the extra fats and calories.

You can enjoy restaurant-style food at home with the BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer.

Frying food with this appliance gives you all of the taste and crunch you’d expect, but in a much healthier way.

The non-stick coated basket is dishwasher safe or it can be cleaned with soapy water, making the clean-up fast and easy.

There is also a free recipe cookbook and magnetic cheat sheet included to give you ideas for mealtimes and help you learn more about cooking with this unique tool!

We hope that our BLAZANT 7 Quart Air Fryer review has given you a clear picture of whether this appliance is the right one for you and your family.

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