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Here at Air Fryer City, we will explain to you everything you need to know about air fryers and recommend to you the best products, accessories, tips for beginners, recipes and a lot more. It can be difficult to decide which air fryer to buy as it depends on a lot of different factors. Here at Air Fryer City, we will explain everything that you need to know and guide you to help you pick the best air fryer for your needs.

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a small convection oven that simulates frying without soaking food in oil. A fan circulates hot air at high speed and creates a crisp layer thanks to brown reactions like the Maillard reaction. Many reviews have shown that regular convection ovens or convection toaster ovens work better.


An air fryer uses hot air circulation to cook foods that would otherwise be immersed in oil. The cooking chamber of the air fryer radiates heat from a heating element near the food and the fans circulate the hot air. Depending on the model, the temperature can reach 250 °C. Cooking oil is only used in small quantities in an air fryer. Cooking times in an air fryer can be reduced by 20% or more compared to non-convection ovens.

Air Fryer

Most air fryers have temperature and timer settings that give it more precise cooking. The food is usually cooked in a basket on a drip pan. The basket should be agitated regularly, either by hand or using a food agitator. Convection ovens and air fryers are similar to the way they cook food, but air frying is generally smaller and emits less heat. The taste and quality of foods cooked using traditional fried methods compared with air-fried techniques are not identical, as the greater amount of oil used in traditional frying.


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