can you cook steak in an air fryer

Can You Cook Steak in an Air Fryer?

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Many people often ask… ‘Can you cook steak in an air fryer?’ The answer is YES, and we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it. It’s not difficult and it tastes better than when cooked in an oven or pan.

Steak and many other food items can be cooked in an air fryer, it is very easy to do and you use very little oil. This makes it much healthier and means that you can cook a steak or other food without any mess.

There are many different types of air fryers available on the market so which one you choose will depend on your budget and also how much space you have available on your kitchen countertop. However, whatever type of air fryer you choose, they all work in a similar way and they all cook food by circulating hot air around it.

The hot air circulates around the food rapidly which means that it heats up quickly and cooks right through without having to use any oil or fat. This is what leads to the crispy tasty outer surface you get when cooking with an air fryer.

How to Cook Steak in an Air Fryer

How to Cook Steak in an Air Fryer

  1. Prep Steak and Preheat the Air Fryer to 400˚F

Preheat the air fryer to 400˚F, some units can preheat in seconds while others might take a couple of minutes. You want to start with room-temperature steaks, if your steaks are cold when you put them in the air fryer, they will overcook on the outside before they have a chance to cook on the inside.

Rub or spray both sides of the steak with a little drop of oil and then with a seasoning mix if required or just simply use salt and pepper.

Before putting the steaks in the air fryer, we recommend giving them a five-minute rest after seasoning so that some of the juices have time to settle into the meat and be reabsorbed. This helps keep the steak tender.

  1. Place the Steak in the Air Fryer Basket

Put the steak into the air fryer basket and set it to cook for six minutes at 400˚F, and then flip the steak over and continue cooking for another five minutes at 400˚F. This will ensure that you get a nice golden colour on your steak while ensuring that it stays juicy and tender on the inside.

Please Note…

Thick steaks and bone-in steaks take longer to cook, so if you’re cooking steak that’s boneless and thin, check it a little before the suggested cooking time.

  1. Temperature Check

To ensure that your steak comes out well-cooked, check it for doneness with a meat thermometer. If it needs to cook longer, leave it in the air fryer for another minute.

  • Rare: 125˚F to 130˚F
  • Medium-Rare: 135˚F to 140˚F
  • Medium: 145˚F to 155˚F
  • Well-Done: 160˚F
  1. Rest then Serve

When the steak is finished cooking, we recommend letting it rest for 5 minutes before cutting/serving. You can season it with pepper or sauce if desired.

Tips for Better Results

Use Tender Cuts: Steaks such as sirloin, ribeye, New York Strip, Porterhouse, T-bone and others make up the most tender and flavorful cuts of meat. Steak lovers also enjoy top sirloin fillets, chuck eye steaks and cap sizzlers.

Thermometer: An instant-read thermometer can be used to ensure that your steak has been cooked to the correct doneness.

Let it rest: Always let steaks rest for about 5 minutes after cooking to allow the juices to distribute throughout the meat.

This is the method that we have used and like to think it is the best way to cook steak in an air fryer. It’s so easy, you will never want to cook it any other way!

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