Diffrent types of air fryers

Different types of Air Fryers & what you need to know

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Here we will tell you about the diffrent types of air fryers you can get and why each one is diffrent.

4 Different types of air fryers

There are 4 different types of air fryers, you have got the paddle-type, basket-type, counter-top oven type and the oil-less turkey fryers.

  • Paddle Type

These tend to be more expensive but “self-tending” and they also stir/turn the food for you. You add the cooking oil to the pan along with the food.

  • Basket Type

These tend to be less expensive, but depending on what you are cooking may require intervention from you two or three times during the cooking process to shake the food. You have to coat the food in cooking oil before putting it into the basket.

  • Counter-Top Oven

These are more multipurpose ovens rather than just fine-tuned air fryers.

  • Oil-Less Turkey Fryers

These can be very large, they are mainly for outdoor use only, no forced air, can double as tandoori-type ovens.

Paddle-type air fryers have the ability to do the “set it and forget it” type of cooking for you (you should never ever completely ignore a switched-on appliance in the kitchen.) They will stir and turn the food over for you so you can get on with other things. In addition to air frying, they also tend to be multipurpose machines that can do saucy dishes such as curries and risottos really good.

paddle air fryer

A basket-type air fryer is a dedicated air-frying machine in which the food is cooked in a basket.

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Counter-top convection ovens can dehydrate, broil, roast, grill, bake, or steam. These are also used for hot air frying.

Most of these, the heat and the fan are the only electrified parts. This is what makes them like basket air fryers, anything being air fried in them has got to be tossed manually.

One or two models have moving rotisserie baskets in them, which makes them a bit more like paddle-type fryers in that they can turn the food for while it is being cooked.

Countertop Convection Ovens

The oil-less turkey fryers are now oil-free (aka oil-less) turkey fryers that are far more worry-free and safe to use, they can produce turkeys just as succulent and crisp as deep-frying.

Diffrent types of air fryers